JOU 4930: The Cultural Impact of Video Games



There will be two exams in the course, which will make up 45% of your grade. Exams will be multiple choice. The exams will be completed at the start of lecture on assigned days. Each exam will have 50 questions. The first exam is worth 200 points; the second is worth 250. The exams are equal length, but the first is worth less so that if my style of testing is jarring to you, it won't negatively affect your grade as much.

More details will be made available as we approach each exam.

Discussion Posts

In this class I want you to engage with the material and think critically about video games. Most weeks you are required to post to the discussion board, five posts total. Multiple discussion topics will be available each week. You are free to respond to any topic you choose. Some discussion topics will have a reading or two that goes along with it, so please read these so that you can respond accurately.

If you want to post more than once, feel free!

Discussion posts need to be at least 300 words long. I expect quality posts, so that means you will be graded on spelling, grammar, your thesis, and your ability to argue your point with evidence. Posts that score the most points will be those that reference specific video games and incorporate multimedia (images, videos, and/or links to related resources). Also, you are encouraged to include references if they are relevant to the discussion.

More information about how to write a good post, and how they will be graded, will be available at the beginning of the course. Posts are due by 11:59 p.m. on Friday each week.

Each post is worth 50 points. I will accept posts up to 24 hours late for half credit.

Discussion Responses

In addition to posting each week, you are also required to respond to two other posts. There is no set length for these posts, but students who post a substantive response (several paragraphs) will receive more points than responses that are only a couple sentences in length. Again, proper writing mechanics are expected.

You are free to respond to more than two posts if you choose!

Responses are also due by 11:59 p.m. on Friday each week. Each response is worth 20 points. I will accept responses up to 24 hours late for half credit.